4 Business Types In Surrey That Benefit from CCTV Use

28 December 2014
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28 December 2014, Comments 0

At Surlyn we firmly believe that introducing CCTV onto your business premises can be an invaluable security measure which can deliver major improvements in the protection of your property against both theft and vandalism. This, in turn, can lead to positive implications when it comes to the bottom line and the all-important profits and costs to your business. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, using CCTV can help reduce costs associated to crime including labour costs, insurance premiums and the general expenses incurred through a break-in or damage at your site. If CCTV can act as any kind of deterrent or barrier to these occurrences then it can only serve your business well when it comes to the accounts.

By: Lydia

We take a look here at 4 business types in and around the Surrey area whose fortunes can be improved through CCTV use.

Holiday & Leisure Parks

There are more than 25 caravan and camping sites across Surrey as well as countless numbers of holiday venues, cottages and lodges throughout the region. Add to this the many varied leisure parks and large attractions (such as Thorpe Park) across the area and you can see that holiday and leisure can be pretty big business.

CCTV can add some clear benefits for such sites which can significantly boost the profits for the business. Increased, but relatively unobtrusive, security from a CCTV system adds peace of mind to visitors, encouraging them that the site is safe and an ideal place to spend time (and money) on holidays or days out.

Pubs, Restaurants, Nightclubs

In a similar vein, adding to the security of your customers at public venues such as pubs and bars, restaurants or nightclubs can encourage greater attendance and ultimately more business. Whilst one is always mindful of intruding on your client’s privacy, a well-placed and thought through security camera system can be highly effective in ensuring a peaceful atmosphere and secure environment. The reality is that venues such as these can be prone to moments of violence or crime due to the effects of alcohol and CCTV is a proven method of acting as a barrier of protection either in the premises or external areas such as car park.

Banks and Financial Institutions

It goes without saying that banks need to be secure – it’s where the money is kept after all!

And whilst Surrey is hardly the Wild West and Butch Cassidy is rarely seen on the streets of Camberley, our banks and other financial institutions remain high risk targets when it comes to crime. Therefore it’s somewhat imperative that these sites have the highest levels of security and surveillance available to them. And a high quality CCTV system plays a critical role in this security.

But it’s not just the threat of robbery and safe crackers that CCTV is used to guard against. In this day of identity theft and fraud banks are able to use high definition IP CCTV systems in situ to protect against fraudulent use or theft at banks electronic facilities and ATM machines as well.

High Street Retailers

With the increase in online shopping there’s already a great deal of pressure on the traditional shops on our high streets. Which is why any losses incurred due to theft or other shrinkage needs to be kept to a minimum to lessen the impact on the already fine margins of their bottom line.

CCTV systems are a proven deterrent in the battle against crime, shop-lifting and other retail theft. The ability to survey and record activity on a premises, be it a shop floor or otherwise, can significantly reduce the amount of shrinkage in a traditional retail outlet.





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