5 Simple Methods To Help Keep Your Business Secure

30 January 2015
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It’s a sad but undeniably true fact of life that we are all, as individuals and organisations alike, vulnerable to the threat of crime. Whether it’s a pickpocket on the streets, a burglar in your home or data theft through your computer network, when someone steals from you it’s a traumatic experience.

And if it’s your business that’s been targeted, then the impact can be particularly costly as well. No matter whether you’re a large multi-national organisation or a small high street trader, the impact to you and the business itself can be emotionally troubling and harmful to your future success.

This is why we are such strong advocates of ensuring that our clients pay close and vigilant attention to their security measures because one never knows when the threat can become a reality.

Of course, here at Surlyn we provide the technology and expertise which can help protect your business against and give you some kind of barrier against criminal activity. However, it’s always important that these technologies are implemented as part of an overall strategy and are used in the correct fashion, appropriate to your facility.

Correct Choice of Security Cameras

Having security cameras at your site can dramatically improve your defence against crime and burglary; of that we are certain. However, it’s not enough just to have cameras installed; the reality is you need to ensure you’re using them in the correct manner.

Give consideration, and use the expertise of a Surlyn consultant, to what types of camera are going to be best for your business. Will they be fixed or pan-mounted cameras, do they require infrared capability, will they be visible or hidden? These are some of the questions that you want to answer before installation.

You should also consider the layout of your site to give consideration to how you position your cameras. Do you, for instance, require indoor surveillance or will you just be monitoring outdoor activity?

Ensure You Can Monitor Adequately

If you are recording images through your cameras then it stands to reason that you need to be monitoring this in an appropriate manner. First of all you need to consider the type of system you are using – traditional video recording system or perhaps a digital device as we’ve discussed in previous articles.

You also need to consider the actual process of monitoring the data itself. Do you have, for instance, security personnel on site who will be watching and monitoring across a range of screens or perhaps, if you happen to be a smaller premises, the data is being fed into a single monitor or device.

Install Good Lighting

Security lighting is another important feature of a well thought out security system. Having the ability to light up areas both indoors and outside is an effective measure against unwanted visitors. Motion sensitive, ultra-bright security lights in particular can act both as a deterrent and a useful way of making sure the images we see on our monitors are well illuminated.

Control the Access To Your Premises

It might seem like common sense but it’s amazing how many facilities still drop the ball when it comes to monitoring the entry and exits of their office or sites.

From a strict signing in and out policy to the wearing of ID badges (or guest badges for visitors) it’s a hugely important factor when it comes to the due diligence from both a safety and security point of view.

Of course, having effective access barriers or turnstiles can bolster this particular area of your business security with a range of different options that can make your entry points secure while remaining unobtrusive to the user.



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