Choosing The Right Door Security System for your Property

20 January 2015
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Controlling access points to your property is a crucial component in safeguarding the security of your premises and, crucially, the safety and security of those who work or dwell there.

Of course, every property is going to be different and, as such the requirements of your door security system is going to differ. Therefore, when you’re deciding upon a system that will be right for you and your property it’s important to make some of the following considerations.

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What Type of Property is it?

Let’s start with the obvious, common sense question. Before you choose your door security system you need to consider the property type that it will be installed upon.

Is it an office, a tower block, factory or other place of work and industry or are you looking to add security to a residential property, either a standalone house or perhaps a block of apartments.

Understanding both the property you are looking to secure and the type of establishment that it is will be an important element when it comes to deciding the best type of door security and access system that you opt for.

Do you, for instance, require a system that restricts access to only those who have clearance to be on premises? This could be a research facility, a governmental building or perhaps even an infant care high dependency unit at the local hospital. Whatever the location, any area which needs to strictly control access to authorised personnel is going to need a specific type of security access such as a smart card reading technology.

Audio or Visual?

For many properties having the facility to see, speak or listen to the person trying to gain access proves a security measure adequate for their particular site.

The capability to talk via intercom has been a feature of apartment blocks, for instance, for many years. The obvious benefits for such a system is that it affords the residents an opportunity to speak with the person and ascertain who they are without having to leave their apartment – useful if you happen to be on the 20th floor. Of course, whilst this may indeed be adequate in certain locations, it does have its limitations.

What, for example, if you need to see some identification?

The answer, naturally, is video – providing the property owner with even greater peace of mind when it comes to callers to the property.

How sophisticated do you need your system to be?

It may well be that you have a simple request, a single door entry point requiring one type of security measure to control access.

However, for many establishments, it gets a bit more complex than that.

Offices, factories or other large buildings and facilities are likely to have a range of different areas which require their own form of access checks. Modern door security systems such as those we provide at Surlyn can deliver bespoke security solutions for all complexities. This might include differentiating between public and private access areas – hospitals for example, or maybe the facility to lock down certain areas as necessary.

Whatever the requirements, a survey of the site from a trained specialist would ensure that every contingency is made.

Do you wish to integrate your door access into your overall surveillance?

These days having a robust door access system can become an integral component in the overall security and surveillance of a property. Integrating the security measures into your digital CCTV system, for example, which would record and monitor the images of those seeing access can provide a belts and braces approach to your ongoing safety as well as providing a record which can be used in any subsequently required investigation.

It can also add to the security management of those on reception and lobby areas of a building. Adopting a concierge style system allows your security managers to monitor, control and keep an accurate record of all those in the building at any given time.


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