Getting to Grips With Cotag – The ‘Hands-Free’ Entry Access System

20 February 2015
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When it comes to modern entry access systems then it really doesn’t get more sophisticated (yet simple to use) than Cotag.

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The Different Card Based Systems

In this day and age, when we talk about entry access or access control systems we’re generally referring to some form of electronic or computerised card system where authorised users would be in possession of a card or fob which can be read by a control reader at the point of entry.

These card-based systems come in a number of different formats which range in differing levels of security and indeed, sophistication:

  • Magnetic Stripe Cards – Similar to a credit card the magnetic strip on the card holds the data which is decoded when inserted or swiped in the reader. These types of cards represent older technology and you’ll likely have encountered variations of them when staying at hotels, many of whom replaced room keys for this type of system some years ago.
  • Contact Based Smart Cards – This is an electronically operated card or fob system whereby the data on the card can be read when touching it to the reader’s surface. A step up in technological advancement from the stripe, this might be seen as entry-level smart technology.
  • Proximity Cards – A more sophisticated version of the smart card technology this is what we would refer to as contactless card technology. By simply holding the card or fob near the control reader, radio technology can take the required data from the card, allowing access to those with authorisation. Of course, this is the same kind of technology we see in retail outlets more and more with the introduction of contactless payment systems.
  • Hands Free Access Systems – Largely considered as the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to contactless access systems. Taking the proximity card technology one step further the hands-free system can read the card data and unlock a door as you approach it, without it needing to come into view (eg. It can remain in your pocket). Obviously, from both a practical and security aspect, there are innumerable advantages for having this type of system in place in many different environments – hospitals or perhaps different kinds of loading areas can find real value in a hands-free system. There are also distinct advantages for providing easier access for disabled users also.

Cotag – Leading the Way

When it comes to contactless, radio technology cards and card readers then Cotag have been pioneers in the market.

As leaders in the field across all types of card reading innovation the major benefit that users and operators always find when adopting Cotag is that they can have a system that’s as flexible and versatile as required.

For instance, it might be that your office, factory or other building type has multiple different card systems in place – a mixture of all the above examples, perhaps – with different areas have different levels of access and different types of card. Or, maybe due to the natural progression of your system you have some staff on stripe cards while others have adopted newer forms of contactless card.

Whatever the scenario, the beauty of a Cotag system is that you can have all of these different card types being sufficiently read via one single system. As you would imagine, from a cost-efficient, maintenance and management point of view, this makes for the perfect solution when considering your access control and is the major reason that we recommend Cotag to our clients.

And, as long-standing experts in the use, installation and maintenance of Cotag systems you can be sure that with Surlyn you’ll be working with tried and tested experts to ensure the system is exactly as you need it.

To learn more about Cotag and the various access control systems available please give us a call.

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