Reasons why you should consider CCTV for your premises

29 October 2014
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29 October 2014, Comments 0

More and more home and business owners are switching onto the idea that installing an effective closed circuit television system (CCTV) on their premises can be an extremely effective measure when it comes to security considerations.

We’re all looking to increase our levels of security and safety and time after time, an effective, efficient and appropriate CCTV system proves an invaluable tool in this ongoing quest. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it might be time that you considered installing CCTV at your premises.

It’s a Deterrent                                   

As we’ve traditionally seen with the installation of burglar alarms in residential properties, having visible security devices in place can act as a deterrent to would-be criminality.

Having cameras trained upon your property, and indeed letting people know that they are there, is going to have the effect of making burglars and other criminals think twice about invading your property. It stands to reason that, if deciding to rob a property with CCTV versus one without, the odds are that the one without is going to be a preferred target.

It’s another pair of eyes on your property

We can’t be in all places at all times. Even if you are particularly robust in your other security measures there may always be times and places that go unobserved. Having CCTV on your site allows for another pair of eyes, constantly looking (and filming) across your property when you are not there, which can lead to another reason for installing CCTV, such as:

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you’ve been diligent in your security against crime and other issues, and that you have a system of continual monitoring on your site, home or workplace can provide you a greater sense of ease that you’ve taken the best measures possible to minimise your chances of security breaches, maximised your levels of safety.

Cost Effective Security

Installing a CCTV system can also have long-term cost effectiveness. In the past businesses might have employed the services of staff guards working round the clock to monitor the security of a site outside of working hours. You may still employ the services of security personnel of course, but with an appropriate CCTV system in place you have the potential to lessen the amount of labour costs.

Furthermore, by demonstrating due diligence in your security measures by installing devices such as CCTV then there are sometimes hidden savings to be made, possibly through insurance premiums.

Remote Monitoring and Responsiveness

As part of your CCTV system you have the opportunity for a thorough monitoring of your premises by strategically located cameras, feeding live images back to a monitor or series of monitors. This provides you the chance to have on-going remote monitoring of your site at all times of the day. Managing your system in this fashion can ensure that not only do you have someone watching all areas of the site but, in the event that there is a security breach, police can be engaged with quick response times.

Crime Prevention and Resolution

Let’s be clear, no system is going to provide 100% prevention against criminality. However, by installing a CCTV system onto your property you are giving yourself the best chance against crime and burglary. It puts a robust barrier up for those with criminal intent which might make them head elsewhere.

However, should the worst happen and somebody still attempt to break-in your CCTV system can help in this scenario also. Maybe from providing a chance to quickly raise the alarm and thereby lessen the impact. Also, with fully recordable footage, your CCTV system can also be a powerful tool in helping any investigation and hopeful swift resolution thereafter.


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