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28 February 2015

Security Cameras and Football

28 February 2015, Comments 0

Football in the UK has come a long way in the past twenty-five years. With the inception of the Premier League and the extraordinary […]

20 February 2015

Getting to Grips With Cotag – The ‘Hands-Free’ Entry Access System

20 February 2015, Comments 0

When it comes to modern entry access systems then it really doesn’t get more sophisticated (yet simple to use) than Cotag. The Different Card […]

30 January 2015

5 Simple Methods To Help Keep Your Business Secure

30 January 2015, Comments 0

It’s a sad but undeniably true fact of life that we are all, as individuals and organisations alike, vulnerable to the threat of crime. […]

20 January 2015

Choosing The Right Door Security System for your Property

20 January 2015, Comments 0

Controlling access points to your property is a crucial component in safeguarding the security of your premises and, crucially, the safety and security of […]

28 December 2014

4 Business Types In Surrey That Benefit from CCTV Use

28 December 2014, Comments 0

At Surlyn we firmly believe that introducing CCTV onto your business premises can be an invaluable security measure which can deliver major improvements in […]