CCTV Systems in Surrey

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As one of the leading CCTV and security system suppliers in Surrey we provide a wide range of different options when it comes to the protection of your business, your property and your well-being.

We completely understand that all premises and locations are different and that each of our customers will have their own unique challenges, demands and budgetary allowances.  For this reason, at Southern Security Systems, we work with all leading CCTV and security manufacturers to ensure we can deliver a system that exactly matches those individual criteria.

Based in Farnham we have, for more than 30 years, been delivering high quality, cost-effective security solutions to businesses and buildings throughout Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding locations, always ensuring that we can provide the best, most up-to-date and appropriate system for our clients.

Our varied range of CCTV Systems

As a leading provider of CCTV and security systems in Surrey and surrounding areas we’re able to provide a full range of different options to suit your needs, including:

Standard video surveillance

Our range of standard video surveillance equipment can be the ideal solution for high street shops, department stores or other retail outlets. It provides a cost-effective, easy to use method for monitoring the shop floor to detect and record any instances of theft, shop-lifting and other related activity. Added to this is the fact that, as the camera is usually placed in a location which will be visible to the public, its very presence can act as an effective deterrent against potential theft.

Video security cameras for the monitoring of building perimeters and external zones including loading docks

Within our full range of CCTV systems we have cameras and units designed for both inside and outside usage. Outdoor surveillance cameras can provide excellent coverage and security as they monitor the immediate surroundings of a building or any external working areas. Loading docks are a particular area where these camera systems can be particularly useful, acting as both a deterrent against any stock disappearing during loading and deliveries and recording all activity in those areas without need of security personnel on the scene at all times.

Advanced IP cameras on IT networks to act as a deterrent against criminal activity and to log suspicious activities

Using the latest in IP (internet Protocol) technology for our CCTV systems is a twenty-first century method of using CCTV to both monitor, record and log all activities of a suspicious nature at your premises. IP CCTV systems can automatically store the images they take as data without need of a local recording device. This means that what the camera sees can be transmitted and stored to any other networked device anywhere in the world, allowing you to keep a digital record of all activity in a central location that can be reviewed and used accordingly.

Video surveillance systems which automatically trigger alerts based on motion detection in critical restricted access facilities.

We supply a range of video surveillance equipment and CCTV systems which can be configured alongside other safety and security appliances such as intruder alarms or motion detection sensors. This enables them to act as a further device to monitor and protect your environment as the cameras will have the facility to react to motion in a restricted zone which will trigger the alarm systems. This may not only be a device against criminal activity but could also be used to monitor and raise the alarm for safety reasons such as fire or other damaging occurrences.

Megapixel CCTV Systems

High definition camera systems can provide much greater clarity if image with the ability to store digitally and deliver stronger evidence than lower spec units. They can also reduce the amount of equipment needed, fewer cameras, less cabling etc. which can make them a cost effective longer term offering where appropriate.

To learn more about our full range of CCTV systems or to enquire about a system for your property please give us a call today or why not visit our offices in Farnham, Surrey.