Door Entry Systems & Automatic Gates in Surrey

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As one of the leading names in property security in Surrey we provide a wide range of automatic electric gates, door entry systems and services to help you protect the access points at your premises.

Whatever type of building or property, we’ve got a solution to match your specific requirements:

  • Commercial Buildings or Offices
  • Factories or Industrial Units
  • Residential Properties and Apartment Blocks
  • Public Buildings such as hospitals, schools, governmental establishments

Of course, each of these property types are likely to have very different needs when it comes to door entry control. This is why, not only to we supply a comprehensive range of products to meet the differing needs, we also happen to be a team of fully trained experts who can consult with you and survey your site so that we can ensure you have a system installed which is absolutely right for the location.

Different Systems for Different Needs

Once we’ve got the full understanding of what kind of security and access levels you require we’ll be able to provide you with a product to suit.

Working in conjunction with the leading names in door entry systems we can supply and install systems ranging from the simplest, single-door access solutions and automatic gates through to complex multi-zoned and integrated entry systems.

Audio & Intercom Systems

These might be the types of units you would expect to see in an apartment block where each individual unit would be separately connected to the system so that you could call directly from the doorway to the apartment. Obviously this allows for the occupant to speak to the person seeking access and having the control on whether or not that access is granted.

Alternatively you may have a simple audio entry system through a telephone link as a security or barrier measure between a public and private area in an office complex or similar.

Video Entry Systems

As with audio these are often seen at residential or office complexes, working on a similar basis as the audio systems only having the added feature that you can see, via camera link, the person seeking access.

At Surlyn we have a range of audio / visual door entry systems offering 1 or 2 way connections and differing levels of output quality which can be tailored to meet needs and budget.

Electric Automatic Gates, Smartcards and Biometric Entry Systems

We provide and install a varied range of entry systems and automatic gates for commercial buildings, offices and other locations where entry needs to be controlled to differing levels.

With a range of aesthetically appealing barriers which offer entry control whilst remaining unobtrusive on the eye we can deliver the right system to match any environment.

Access can be controlled through various means, from a traditional manned solution to more modern security measures such as smart card entrance and even biometric recognition such as fingerprints identity – technology used in locations as far reaching as Government buildings to the major Florida theme parks.

Full Integration

You door entry system is one important component in the overall security of your building. At Southern Security Systems we strive to ensure your entire building is working at the appropriate level of safety and access. For this reason we can make all of your security needs fully integrated – linking your door entry system to other components such as CCTV or intruder alarms, combining different entry systems for different zones and setting different degrees of access from public to secure according to the area’s needs.

Quality Systems Installed with Quality Support

At Surlyn we endeavour to make the installation of your new door entry systems as smooth as possible.

Our team of professional engineers are vastly experienced at installing in all manner of locations at a wide range of property types. In addition we will provide a thorough level of support to you and your staff regarding the day to day workings of the system; whether that be training for those responsible for its operation to the distribution of smart cards.

If you have a property in the Surrey area looking to install automatic gates or update your door entry systems then please get in touch today. We’d love to help.