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Do you need a quality system to control door access at your premises?

At Surlyn we provide a huge range of door access control systems and services to businesses throughout Surrey.

Door access is an increasingly important aspect of property security and, in some cases of course, it can be of critical importance to the safety and integrity of your site. Within our full range of door access controls you’ll find a system for all scenarios; from simple low-grade security measures to high-level strict security systems.

Different Systems for Different Doors

Naturally, we understand that there’s a whole raft of different doors depending on the type of business, property or site we are working at. At Southern Security Systems we’ll have a system to match, each one designed to deliver the most appropriate level of access control.

Ultimately, you’ll have the control over who can and cannot gain access to your facility at any given point in the day or night utilising a control product that’s robust, appropriate to the location and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you need access control for one, simple door or a network of entry points each with their own levels of access, we can assist to ensure you have an easy-to-manage yet entirely secure system.

Access Control Technology helps create a safe environment for your staff and guests

Being able to manage and control who can and can’t have access to your building or site can be a crucial component in the overall safety of your workplace. It can provide peace of mind for those who work on-site that they are working in a safe environment and it demonstrates to any visitors that you take their safety (and that of everyone else at the premises) seriously.

This is, of course, especially true if you happen to work in an environment which requires strict access controls or levels of high security as you need to be assured that nobody can gain access to areas they shouldn’t be. Nevertheless, even in working environments where this isn’t necessarily the case, having access control that your staff can trust still offers a sense of greater safety.

At Surlyn we provide a range of different door access control systems which can be integrated into your overall security systems (including CCTV and Intruder alarm systems)

With our stand-alone access control systems we’re able to provide a high-level of unobtrusive protection available on single or multiple door installations.

From simple barrier access to smart-cards or even biometric systems (such as fingerprint identification) we can ensure that access measures are robust and easily modified or expanded should circumstances or personnel levels change on-site.

An example of an access control system we often recommend to our clients is the Granta Solutions system. With a modular style it comes with the facility to connect with any Cotag reader or other control readers, providing an unrivalled level of security and flexibility.

Additionally, Granta has the facility to integrate with your other security systems such as CCTV equipment, intruder alarms, car parking devices as well as other smart card control facilities. This enables you to have a fully integrated security system covering all aspects of your site via one cohesive and sophisticated system; providing you with the highest degree of protection in a simply controlled product.

At Southern Security Systemswe’re proud to have helped many of our loyal clients throughout Surrey and beyond protect their properties with a range of different door access controls. If you need help finding the correct solution for your site or would like to enquire about one of our systems, including COTAG, then please contact us today.

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