Optical Turnstiles, Speed Gates and Pass Gates

optical turnstile

Product Description

Here at Southern Security Systems we can provide a range of access control products are designed to balance the needs of aesthetics, security, ease of use and flow rates demanded by today’s modern office environment.

The products incorporate optical turnstiles, speedgates, barrier arm optical turnstiles, passgates, tripods and tailgate detection devices from the leading manufacturers like Boon Edam and Integrated Design Ltd (IDL)


We us a state of the art ‘optical turnstile’, which replaces the need for an obtrusive physical barrier. It utilises active infra-red beams to create an invisible electronic field between two pedestals, monitoring the passage of every individual entering and leaving a facility.


Optical turnstiles function automatically and will alert security staff to all unauthorised entry attempts by triggering an audible alarm and controlling other security measures such as lighting, activating CCTV systems and locking doors.


The discreet presence of an optical turnstile offers unrivalled benefits in terms of aesthetics and design flexibility.

The pedestals can be custom designed to complement the most diverse design concepts, providing a welcoming and non-confrontational entrance to staff and clients alike.

They also ensure the ultimate in architectural flexibility and security and are available in a wide range of enclosures to meet the most demanding aesthetic requirements.

User Friendly

The absence of a cumbersome physical barrier ensures fast throughput and unrestricted movement for all personnel, with safe disabled access and emergency egress.

Users are greeted by an intuitive user interface, in the form of a clear electronic text display, which automatically guides the user through entry and exit.

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